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In the age of big data having access to information is the synonym of being successful. If you know how to extract insights on your clients, target audience, market, or business niche, you are armed for any kind of business activity. The easiest way to gather this data is by installing a powerful data mining tool that will search for insights automatically, based on your criteria.

Weka is an AI-based data mining tool that allows performing comprehensive data analysis and precise predictive modelling. All the information is represented visually, in graphs and statistics and can be downloaded in a separate PDF or HTML reports.

How Can Weka Boost Your PC?

This software is created by the University of Waikato, located in New Zealand and was initially intended for educational and personal purposes. However, you can broaden the scope of the software and apply it to business purposes as well. Deep data mining is a big help when it comes to market research, competitive analysis, customer targeting and for many other basic marketing procedures.

The software kit consists of various tools for data processing, classification, research, graphical representation, clustering, and machine learning. The tool combines two global innovations - big data and artificial intelligence. Big data features which lie at the core of this mining software allow classifying and collecting data in one couple of clicks while machine learning algorithms are responsible for software’s continuous improvement. The tool remembers the best data sources, detects your habits, and learns to highlight the information that suits your interests the most.

Weka can be integrated with SQL database due to its efficient use of Java Database Connectivity. You can load a database and run basic data mining procedures on a particular database. The tool will quickly scan its contents and filter the necessary information. However, the tool is focused on processing files and is incapable of handling large multithreaded files.

Weka Key Features Include:

  • Get access to in-depth data mining algorithms for big data projects;
  • Automate data mining processes with fast machine learning algorithms - the tool will recognize your most frequent actions and will perform them automatically;
  • Advanced research, classification and data processing algorithms;
  • Receive visualized reports after each data mining session;
  • Connect SQL databases to the tool and perform basic data mining automatically;
  • Customize interface and functionality settings.


The tool’s intuitive interface makes it easy to get the hang of the functionality even for beginning users. However, you need to familiarize yourself with the tool’s terminology - such as class, petal width or petal length since these parameters lie in the core of every data mining session. However, once you’ve learned the main terms, you’ll have no difficulties with the tool’s navigation since all functions are nicely visualized.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-10-02
  • Developer: Weka Development Team
  • Version: 3.8.3
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