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dotConnect For MySQL is an enhanced database connectivity solution that is structured over ADO.NET build and a development framework with various innovative technologies. With this software, you are offered a full solution for you to develop database-related applications and websites.

dotConnect For MySQL introduces new ways for designing applications and aids in boosting the productivity of database application development.

Why you should use dotConnect For MySQL

There are brand new ORM solutions like Entity Framework and LinqConnect; new approaches are introduced for designing applications and boosting database application developer's productivity. This software has flexible connectivity that can operate in direct mode, even without MySQL client library and in Client mode with libmysql.dll usage. There are various design-time tools to aid the development process. There are particularly convenient design time component editors, wizards, and managers, as well as a toolset for live data binding, DDEX, and a lot more.

With dotConnect For MySQL, developers can harness the complete capabilities of the MySQL server. This program supports MySQL features like secure SSL and SSH connections, embedded server, compression protocol, HTTP tunneling and so much more. dotConnect For MySQL enables users the ability to use enhanced ORM support with a visual designer that is bundled for ORM models- Entity Developers. You are offered exceptional support for Database-First and Model-First design approaches as well as a quite eclectic T4 template-based code generation for the model.

This program also supports workflow foundation, by providing support for MySQL workflow instance store and workflow tracking. It also supports Entity Framework v1 to v6.1 and Entity Framework Core. You can also perform reporting and analytic services, as well as source and destination data flow component for integration services. dotConnect is a free trial software application. It can be installed on Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10, Server, 2000, and other Windows Operating Systems.

Features of dotConnect For MySQL

  • Supports ASP.NET Identity 1 and 2, Sync Framework;
  • BIS Support;
  • Workflow foundation support;
  • ORM Support;
  • Harness the full capabilities of MySQL server;
  • Flexible connectivity;
  • Database Application Development Extensions.

All in All

dotConnect For MySQL is a database connectivity solution built over ADO.NET technology with a lot of innovative technologies. It is the complete solution for developing database-related applications and websites.

What's new in 8.15.1519 version?

  • The "Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities" feature of Visual Studio 2019 is supported by Devart DataSet Editor
  • The bug with inserting fractional seconds of TIME, DATETIME, and TIMESTAMP values via parameters of a stored procedure is fixed

Entity Developer:

  • The Self-Contained Entity Configuration property is added to VB.NET version of EF Core template
  • The Entities Configuration Output property is added to VB.NET version of EF Core template
  • The code generation for the class properties with Alternate Key=True by VB.NET version of EF Core template is supported in EF Core model
  • The bug with code generation, when Raw SQL Query is initialized in class properties, in EF Core 3 model is fixed
  • The bug with generating .HasNoKey(), when Self-Contained Entity Configuration is set to True in properties of EF Core template, in EF Core 3 model is fixed
  • The bug with generating alternate keys, when Self-Contained Entity Configuration is set to True in C# version of EF Core template, in EF Core model is fixed

Entity Framework support:

  • The SQL generation in case of config.QueryOptions.UseCSharpNullComparisonBehavior=true in EF1/EF4/EF5/EF6 is improved
  • The bug with using Scaffold-DbContext in EF Core 3 is fixed
  • The bug with the redundant empty ORDER BY clause in a subquery, when paging is used, in EF Core 3 is fixed
  • The bug with using .Contains within .Select of LINQ query in EF Core 2 is fixed
  • The bug with generating invalid SQL when calling members of owned type in EF Core 2 is fixed


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  • Developer: Devart
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  • Version: 8.15.1519
  • File size: 72.69 MB
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  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: dcmysql.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 0b09fff225a668264b2168844140ceef