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Classln is a groundbreaking online teaching platform that enables teachers and students from across the globe to come together face to face and learn in a coordinated online atmosphere. With a shared, interactive blackboard, a suite of vital teaching methods and a cloud service that allows susceptible access to teaching elements. This educational platform is the choice of 20,000+ educational institutions. These educational platforms have everything you need to create immersing classes online.

Classln is a professional online classroom. This platform is not just an internet-based "minimalist and easy to use" but the pursuit of teaching profession, which will bring you extraordinary teaching and learning experience.

How Is Classln Useful?.

In Yellowstone, at a planetarium or an art spectacle, and on every road leading to proficiency, teachers can disseminate live scenes of lectures through classln.

Also, students can present and share what they have seen or heard in the online classroom. Classln brings the mobility of phones and pads into full play by taking pictures and uploading them to the classes. Classln is compatible with numerous devices. You can submit homework, share works and study together anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, this platform also provides one to one teaching, small lectures, large lectures, live broadcast, double teachers ( Chinese teacher, a foreign teacher and any other course tutors. Whether you are teaching ESL, mathematics, science, art, music, coding or offering professional development courses, Classln is the best platform for you.

The application comprises of specialists such as E-learning, virtual classrooms, online education, cloud service, blackboard, and so much more. It also supports simultaneous face-to-face teaching and learning for up to 16 people ( teachers and students both have access to video windows, audio, and interactions). The video windows could be dragged, zoomed in and out at any scale, which is favourable to group learning, defence, or speech.

To get ClassIn, you will need to download the application then you go through the installation procedure and click on the signup button and get connected to classln.

This educational platform has classroom-control functions such as raising hands, rushing to answer, award antiques, stepping on and off the platform, blocking.

Furthermore, teachers can check real-time learning statics so as to create a competitive classroom essence. This platform's real-time learning reports system facilities teachers and students to communicate during their extra time and tread the teaching quality which contributes to building a learning ecosystem as a whole. It has an interactive electronic blackboard with pre-editing, multi-page scrolling, and unlimited use features to underwrite simultaneous performances and used by authorized people and also opens designs to meet the teaching needs of different disciplines.

Also, these platforms have various Languages available which assist the students who want to learn from different parts of the world. The languages available are English, Japanese, simplified Chinese, Spanish, ancestral Chinese and more.

Key Features Of Classln includes:

  • Cross-platform scope.
  • Live broadcast.
  • Teaching data analysis.
  • Competitive atmosphere.
  • Multi-discipline content.
  • Educational solution providers.
  • Availability of various teaching tools to support learning and teaching.
  • Multiple courseware formats
  • Availability of group videos and voice calls.
  • Availability of E-learning facilities to view assignments.


In total, Classln motive is to empower education online by providing teachers, and institutions the platform they need to make online learning unique and interesting. 

Also, it brings every student's talent to the limelight. Classln engages students in 10+ interactive learning methods. It bridges the relationship between the institution and the subordinates.

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