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  • The Portable Document Format (PDF) was created to enable users to exchange large files with ease. The format is independent of the operating system of any computer as files can be exchanged across multiple platforms. The file incorporates text, hyperlinks, charts, tables, and multimedia content like photos making it an ideal format for sharing digital information between computers with different configurations.

    Most people are beginning to convert physical copies of documents to digital format to prevent data loss as a result of damage to the papers. These digital files can be easily accessed and edited or protected to prevent unauthorized changes to its content. Foxit Reader unlocks a host of possibilities for managing PDF files on your computer.

    How Can Foxit Reader Improve PDF Management on Your PC?

    Foxit Reader is a computer program that facilitates the management of files in PDF format on Windows. There is no native software bundled with the operating system to handle this particular format or access its content in the way that this program can.

    It is a powerful program with an intuitive interface that is not difficult to understand. The software features several tools that enable users to manipulate PDF files conveniently without any external assistance. It is easy to install and integrates fully with Windows Explorer to allow access to its functions from the context menu.

    Foxit Reader offers security features that protect your system from running malicious file content or links that may be unsafe through the Trust Manager. Once this safe reading mode is enabled, JavaScript codes will not run and web links will not open from PDF files. Users can view selected documents as text-only files, with all other content removed including pictures and charts.

    The interface can be customized with different themes or color schemes to give it a unique appearance. It features a lot of editing tools in the multi-tabbed layout with each one having its own set of options. You can create links, insert rulers, embed photos, video, and audio, as well as add callouts, notes, and text boxes.

    Users may also view and adjust security settings that allow users to edit or print content at will. New PDF files may be created from other text-based sources or scanned documents. Extra pages or bookmarks may be added or removed and sketches may be made using the freehand drawing tool. You may zoom or rotate selected pages to get a better view of its content.

    The full-screen mode makes it easy for you to read using the program without any distractions. Users can view comments from other PDF files, preview its entire content and validate digital signatures. Newly created files can be shared directly with friends via email or Facebook. The ConnectedPDF feature allows users to manage and share files conveniently via cloud storage.

    Foxit Reader supports text-to-speech which makes it ideal for users with visual disabilities or those that just want the content of the document read out to them. It has a portable version that can be used directly on multiple computers without needing installation.

    Key Features of Foxit Reader Include:

    • Facilitates the management of files in PDF format;
    • Portable version requires no installation;
    • Supports text-to-speech;
    • ConnectedPDF feature allows users to manage and share files conveniently via cloud storage;
    • Share newly created files directly with friends via email or Facebook;
    • View comments from other PDF files;
    • Preview the entire content of the selected documents;
    • Validate digital signatures;
    • Supports full-screen mode;
    • Zoom or rotate selected pages to get a better view of its content;
    • Add or remove extra pages, bookmarks, links, rulers, callouts, notes, and text boxes;
    • Make sketches using the freehand drawing tool;
    • Create new PDF files from other text-based sources or scanned documents;
    • View and adjust security settings that allow users to edit or print content;
    • Customize the interface with different themes or color schemes;
    • View selected documents as text-only files;
    • Enable or disable safe reading mode through the Trust Manager;
    • Integrates fully with Windows Explorer to allow access to its functions from the context menu.


    There are several PDF readers that are available on the Windows platform with the basic set of tools that enable users to only read files. Foxit Reader comes with additional features that give you full control over the content of documents, allowing you to edit and create new files with ease.

  • What's new in 9.6.0 Build 25114 version?

    • Offer improvements in setting a scale ratio and calibrating the measurements in the document.
    • Get annotation properties through JS.
    • Add an option to scan a paper document to multiple PDF files directly.
    • Provide a new-style user interface during the installation of the EXE package.
    • Some other user-friendly enhancements.
    • PDF index searching
    • Search PDF index using Advanced Search, which can greatly speed up searches in PDF files.
    • Enable you to add Numbered lists to paragraphs when using Typewriter/Callout/Textbox features.

    More seamless integration with ECM:

    • Add an option that allows you to create PDFs from files in SharePoint, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
    • Enhanced integration with Alfresco helps users better manage and share PDF documents.

    Enhancements in digital signatures:

    • Support Long Term Validation (LTV) for digital signatures in PDF, which is useful to ensure the document can be validated at any time in the future.
    • Allow you to create a digital signature in compliance with PAdES standard.
    • Place digital signatures on multiple files.

    Issue Addressed in Foxit Reader

    • Fixed some security and stability issues. Click here for details.



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  • Developer: Foxit Software Inc.
  • Version: 9.6.0 Build 25114
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