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Evaluator Software is especially designed for C.C.E. Grading system as per C.B.S.E guidelines. Featuring C.C.E. Evaluation System, Formative and Summative Assessment, Performance Report of Student. During Development of CCE Software, we study and analyzed the basic problem faced by a school is how we can point out a student's grade on the basis of indicators. How a teacher can psychologically analyze and represent the skills, attitude and personality of a student. If a teacher is given this task, he needs to uniquely identify every student's personality and write some lines on his attitude and skills. It becomes a very much tedious process and requires so much time and energy to fulfill the formalities of C.B.S.E. We faced and felt this problem as a burden for every school. After discussing this problem with experienced school teams, we come on conclusion that if a teacher is given some options about student's skill sets and attitude, and the teacher just have to judge the personality of student and tick the indicators available in that particular student, and the software automatically calculate student's grade on the basis of indicators selected. it reduces the work load and burden of school to 95%. Some salient features in this software are 1. Formative and Summative Assessments 2. Report configuration as per our assessment pattern. 3. Simple to use. Screens and data input just like Ms Excel. 4. Even a layman can operate the software very easily without any errors. Some benefits of Evaluator. 1. Saves teachers time and workload by 90% 2. Uniformity in maintaining records. 3. No need to calculate anything manually e.g. percentile, FA1+FA2+SA1 etc. 4. No need to write all the indicators of students again and again for every student. 5. All the indicators already entered, teacher just have to tick the student's indicators and all the calculations will be done automatically. 6. Teacher can change or modify any student's particulars on the spot.

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