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Notepad 3 is a simple, fast and absolutely free text editing program, which is endowed with syntax highlighting for HTML and other well-known languages. Simply put, it is an intuitive solution allowing its users to write the source code in different programming languages in a few minutes. This tool is highly appreciated by developers due to the syntax highlighting option, which can boost your productivity.

Notepad 3 is regarded to be a simple piece of software that usually comes with Microsoft’s operating system. Regardless of the small footprint, the app is able to handle the majority of programming jobs.

Overview of the Key Features

The installation procedure is easy and takes a few minutes of your time. However, the app will ask you to specify whether you prefer using additional shortcuts or you wish to replace Windows Notepad with the program.

Notepad 3 has a well-structured and user-friendly interface; no additional instructions are needed to understand how to use it. Its functionality allows you to type anything ranging from short notes to complicated codes comprising specific characters. Besides, the app has the following features:

  • Bracket matching;
  • Auto-completion;
  • Code folding;
  • Format conversion;
  • Unix format;
  • Macintosh format;
  • Auto identification.

The users don’t have any limitations as for the use of special characters. Besides, they are also allowed to convert files between such formats as UTF-16, ASCII, UTF-8.

The software is also endowed with syntax highlighting for such programming languages as Ruby, AviSynth, Perl, LaTex, Inno Setup, CMake, etc.


All in all, Notepad 3 is a highly effective tool allowing its users to effortlessly write the code in any programming language. Its overarching aim is to boost your productivity.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-10-04
  • Developer: Derick Payne
  • Homepage:
  • Version: 5.19.815.2595
  • File size: 3.58 MB
  • Downloads: 2,231
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: Notepad3_5.19.815.2595_Setup.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 69b3081f9b6dcc4f7edfb812befac17f