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Microsoft Word its program was developed by Microsoft more than 25 years ago and still remains one of the most popular word processing apps used not only on Windows, but also MacOS, iOS, and Linux computers. The easiest way to think of Microsoft Word as of a built-in typewriter packed with lots of advanced features. It enables you to create, edit and format a wide variety of documents, insert objects, images, and charts, diagrams, and tables of content, in them. The program in question is part of all Microsoft application suites. 

Why Use Microsoft Word on Windows Computers?

Microsoft Word is the program best suited for using on Windows PCs. If creating simple documents with minimum formatting is not enough for you, you should definitely opt for Microsoft Word. This handy word processing tool is the best choice for those users who want to quickly create documents, resumes, leaflets, brochures, and books and make necessary changes to them when necessary. It’s perfectly optimized and compatible with all Windows computers. Still, note that the most current version of Microsoft Word requires some memory and CPU power to run smoothly. 

Main Features of Microsoft Word

Along with the basic standard option such as paragraphs, clipboard, editing, inserting objects, setting margins and tabs, creating columns, changing fonts Microsoft Word features a plethora of advanced functions. You can create a table of contents for your paper in a single click, add headers, and footers, captions, and cross-references. You can also insert videos, pictures, and GIFs using the Clip Art function. 

Other noteworthy functions of Microsoft Word include but are not limited to:

  • Spell check
  • Grammar check
  • Advanced page layout
  • HTML support
  • Read Mode
  • Compatibility with OneDrive storage space
  • Ability to view and edit PDF files
  • Multi Language support
  • Intuitive interface
  • Built-in Skype integration
  • Preconfigured font styles and designs


Microsoft Word is a powerful text processor that provides an easy way to create, format, and edit your documents. Being part of all Microsoft application suites, Microsoft Word enables you to create professional documents on your Windows PC and make changes to them when necessary.

What's new in 2016 16.0.6741.2048 version?

Enhanced collaboration:

  • Collaboration is getting better in Word 2016. You can still share your Word document with others and work together in real time using OneDrive or SharePoint. Now when you open your shared document, at a glance you can see who is working within the document and where. You can chat with collaborators in real time by using Skype for Business, and can view document activity, all from the top-right corner on the ribbon
  • Choose a thumbnail picture of a person to begin an IM conversation by using Skype for Business or open their contact card information. Choose the Skype for Business button to start a group chat with everybody working in the document.

Document activity:

  • The new Activity pane lets you see the complete list of changes made so far, and gives you access to the earlier versions.


  • Now with one click of the Commenting icon in Word on the ribbon you can make or view comments in your document. With enhanced collaboration, it's easier to reply to or resolve comments and mark them as complete.



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