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Microsoft Excel is one of the most famous and versatile spreadsheet applications available on the market. It enables you to analyze, manage, and share information in a more efficient and productive way. Microsoft Excel features advanced tools wherewith you can not only manipulate and analyze your data, but also access it from anywhere using your favorite web browser. Microsoft Excel is the best possible solution for those users who want to quickly access their data, organize and analyze it, and highlight important data trends. Microsoft Excel is part of the Microsoft Office suite.

Why Use Microsoft Excel on Your Windows Computer

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet programs successfully utilized by both ordinary users and professional financiers. It can perform simple and complex calculations, organize your data into spreadsheets having a table-like structure, and help you easily locate the necessary cell that needs to be changed. It’s up to you what kind of data to put into your cells. They may be numbers, rail timetables, dates, telephone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, or currency.

Microsoft Excel makes it possible for you to choose a chart type you’ll be most comfortable with when manipulating your data. You can also insert objects, images, and shapes into your spreadsheets, which will help you accomplish your work faster and easier.

Microsoft Excel’s Features and Functions

As you might have realized, Microsoft Excel is exceptionally good at visually representing, organizing, and analyzing your data. Still, apart from standard functions, Microsoft Excel boasts a good few advanced options that can impress even experienced accountants, financiers, bookmakers, and engineers. A variety of advanced formulas will help you quickly calculate complicated data sets and visually summarize them with the help of the Sparklines option. 

You also benefit from Microsoft Excel’s foresight, as well. Microsoft Excel is famed for its ability to perform a what-if analysis and come up with workable forecasts, which gives you more efficiency to complete your tasks.

Among other noteworthy features are

  • User-friendly, customizable Ribbon menu
  • Ability to edit chart data and filters
  • Improved pivot tables
  • Built-in 3D mapping of data
  • Streamlined data integration
  • Unsaved version recovery
  • Ability to share your spreadsheets in a web browser
  • Data validation


If you’re looking for a reliable spreadsheet program capable of managing and analyzing large data sets, Microsoft Excel is the first option to consider. It advanced feature enable you to perform complex calculations and create a summary of your data. Moreover, you can validate, access and share your information using Microsoft Excel.

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