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  •  Why is Calibre Useful?

    This open source software is a necessary tool for all, publishers, authors ,book lovers and many other people because it supports various ebook formats. Apart from support for various formats, tt also converts ebooks easily from one format to another. It converts very quickly depending on the length of the book. You can have an ebook converted in as little as 5 seconds. This is such a useful function especially for people who like reading in just one particular ebook reader. For example, books are cheaper in ePub and you love reading in MOBI, you can still go ahead and purchase this ePub version, get on your device where Calibre runs and simply convert the book to any format of your choice which in this case would be the MOBI format.

     You can also edit the name and cover art, which is a nice feature for people that download books from torrent sites and very creative people. A lot of times the books downloaded from torrent sites have long titles because it might contain the uploaders name or date uploaded and so forth, calibre helps you edit to cumbersome information into what the title of the book really is or what you want it called on any of your devices. It’s also common for torrent sites not to have a books cover art, you can actually change all that with Calibre using the 'edit cover' are feature. There is a feature that will help you search and download the actual cover art from sites, such as Amazon, Google, and so on. You can even delete books from any of your other devices straight from Calibre. 

    You can further download the metadata of a book. For example, if the book you are editing does not have a title, name, rating, and so on, Calibre will help you to search for all this information on sites like Google, Amazon, and the likes, download this information, and save it for later. You can also easily change important details on an ebook with Calibre. The convenience this software offers in terms of syncing your ebooks with any of your devices is next to none.

    With the 'heuristic processing' feature, Calibre can scan and search through your books for repeated patterns and fix it. Of course, this feature is off by default because calibre can make this worse but you can manually turn it on and also set this function up manually. It also provides key details like the author, the title, the size, ISBN number, the date, ratings, tags, the book series, the publisher, and when the book was published. You can also sort and group your ebooks with any of these features. 

    Calibre can also optimize your book for specific e- readers such as nook, kindle reader , Microsoft reader, pocketbook pro 900, kobo voyage, Kobo reader,iPad,  Sony Reader, Samsung Galaxy, and many more. Supported formats for conversion are EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, DOCX, FB2, HTMLZ, LIT, LRF, PDB, PMLZ, RB, RTF, SNB, TCR, TXT, TXTZ, and ZIP.

    It has a multiple language feature allowing you to publish your book in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. This 60.71MB( 63,655,936 bytes) has an open source license. It was authored by Kovid Goyal. It’s compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

    Key Features of Calibre

    • Convert from one format to the next; 
    • Sync with all your devices; 
    • Edit cover art;
    • Edit details on an ebook; 
    • Create an ebook; 
    • Digital library; 
    • Heuristic processing; 
    • Structure detection; 
    • Search and replace; 
    • Tags feature; 
    • Debug feature; 
    • Optimizes for different devices;
    • Sorting and grouping feature. 


    This is a necessary tool for publishers, authors, book lovers, book collectors because of its vast capabilities and efficiency.

  • What's new in 4.2 version?

    New features:

    • Viewer: Dont generate covers for books that dont have a cover. Note that because of this all previously opened books will again be prepared for first time reading.
    • Viewer: Restore print to PDF functionality
    • Viewer: Allow also jumping to book positions in Goto->Location
    • Content server: When adding books and a duplicate is suspected provide more information about what books match the duplicate
    • FB2 Output: Speed up conversion of images and handle external links
    • Viewer: If the book has no ToC try to generate one from headings, if any.
    • Viewer: Improve rendering of comics. No blank pages after large images or after every image in multi-page mode.
    • Viewer: Make it easier to use the bookmarks panel with only keyboard.
    • Viewer: Set the classes calibre-viewer-paginated and calibre-viewer-scrolling on the <body> tag in Paged and Flow modes. This allows the User styles to target these modes, if needed.
    • Viewer: Use the same loading spinner as is used by the rest of calibre

    Bug fixes:

    • Edit book: Fix a crash when editing CSS files caused by a behavior change in Qt 5.13.
    • Fix a regression in 4.0 that broke rendering of PDF covers for PDF files that used JPEG2000 compression.
    • Viewer: Fix a regression in 4.1 that broke creating new color schemes
    • Viewer: Fix error while viewing books with a comment after a <meta> tag.
    • Viewer: Fix an error when processing a CFI with an invalid text offset.
    • Viewer: Fix scrolling backwards to previous chapter not always scrolling to the end of the chapter, if the chapter loads external resources.
    • Viewer: Fix hang on books with namespaced attributes on <html> that do not belong to a known ebook namespace.
    • Viewer: Fix search history not persisting between viewer restarts.
    • Viewer: Fix scrollbar showing up on initial book open even if disabled in preferences.
    • Viewer: Fix rendering of books with mathematics failing
    • Viewer: When changing between individual sections/chapters in the book, only render the new chapter after loading is complete
    • Viewer: Fix scrolling by screenfuls not working correctly in flow mode
    • EPUB 2 metadata: Fix obfuscated fonts being broken when updating metadata if the file uses Adobe font obfuscation and the identifier with the key has an uppercase UUID scheme name.
    • Viewer: Fix right clicking on margins not showing controls
    • Viewer: Preselect text in search box when showing it.
    • Viewer: Fix SVG images that use xlink:href to refer to paths not being displayed.
    • Content server: Fix detection of iOS on iPAD with iOS 13 which defaults to desktop mode
    • Metadata jacket: Fix <br> tags in the comments not being rendered correctly when inserting the comments into the jacket page.
    • Viewer: Show nicer error message for DRMed books
    • Viewer: Fix preferences under Scrolling behavior not being saved correctly
    • Viewer: Fix remembered position sometimes off by one page in paged mode.
    • Viewer: restrict max size of margin page turn indicators to 25px rather than 75px
    • Viewer: Dont flash the home page before loading a book if a book has been specified
    • Viewer: Fix ctrl+m shortcut not working on windows
    • Content server: Fix regression that caused series name in book details view not not be blue to indicate it is clickable

    Improved news sources:

    • Various Polish news sources
    • Il Sole 24 Ore


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-10-18
  • Developer: Kovid Goyal
  • Homepage: calibre-ebook.com
  • Version: 4.2
  • File size: 102.38 MB
  • Downloads: 2,858
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: calibre-4.2.0.msi
  • MD5 Checksum: a04f67d40d8245a0235e07e2ccaa0043