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It may get a little confusing with so many browsers out there. Most of them are beautifully described, rousing your curiosity and a few even managing to convince you to try them. All that is well and good. However, it is very rarely the case that a browser performs all the functions as described on the developers' website. And, that right there, is the problem. You will have lost time, energy, and in cases even money searching for, installing, and setting up different web-browsers. This is why we recommend that you get Torch browser, a tool that will deliver what it has promised. Just what is Torch Browser capable of?

Why you need Torch Browser

Torch Browser is built on Chromium Technology platform, making it a fast browser. This browser is much like most web-browsers, however, it comes with more appealing features. For one, you can configure the settings to suit you. You are offered default access to free music, free games as well as direct links to YouTube and Facebook on every new tab opened. 

On the top-right of the browser, you are given three small icons where you can use to enhance your user experience. You can choose from the various themes depending on seasons, nature, or your mood. 

Also, you will find that downloading torrents is a breeze because of its inbuilt capabilities, making it easy to use. There’s no need for a separate software. Should you come across music videos that you like, Torch Browser will save those music videos for you with a specially designed “media grabber”. And should you want to share what you come across with friends, this tool has inbuilt social media sharing options, you will be pleased.

Key features of Torch Browser:

  • Built-in torrent capabilities for convenience;
  • A media grabber, embedded in the browser that helps you save music without leaving the webpage;
  • Social media sharing that is integrated into the browser for ease. You can share web content directly to your social media accounts from the web;
  • A download accelerator to optimize download speed;
  • Secure browsing with safety features so that you have peace of mind when online;
  • Drag and drop feature that searches, translates or shares links easily;
  • You can import search history saved from another browser;
  • Torch Player that allows you to live stream music;
  • Torch Games live online. You do not need to download or pay for them to play;
  • An active, fast response technical team to walk you through issues that you haven’t been able to troubleshoot.


Overall, browser speed is above average with Torch Browser. Within no time, you have your most current, relevant and accurate search results displayed. It is also reassuring to note your personal data is safe from unauthorized collection, except if you give consent for access. It allows neither spyware or adware. Once you have installed it, personalize it to suit your needs, and settle down to enjoy its speed, accuracy and efficiency.

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  • Developer: Torch Media Inc
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