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  • Brave Browser was developed by Brave Software Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. It is a free and open source web browser that can block annoying ads and intrusive website trackers that are known to slow down loading of web pages. The software replaces these annoying ads with Brave Software Inc ads.

    It is designed to improve your privacy online by sharing less data with ad customers. This is done through an anonymous analysis of your browsing history to target web ads. The developers of this software want to show only tailored ads that will help fund website owners and other Brave users.

    Why you should use Brave Browser

    Brave Browser is essentially designed to block annoying ads, and website trackers that spend your bandwidth trying to access your private data, as well as slowing down your browsing speed. There are a number of tools that help to protect your privacy built-into this software.

    Brave Browser ensures your connection to websites are always secure by integrating the ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ option. The browser also blocks tracking cookies, and pixels. If you value your privacy while surfing the internet, then this is the browser for you.

    Features of Brave Browser

    • Blocks ads and trackers that slow down your browsing speed;
    • Protects your privacy with the HTTPS Everywhere feature;
    • Clean user interface;
    • Open source browser based on Chromium/Blink engine;
    • Substitutes pop-up ads with smaller and fewer anonymous ads that help fund website owners.


    Brave Browser is a secure and easy-to-use web browser that speeds up loading of pages by blocKing ads and website trackers. It has one of the best security tools on the market, and you can help developers out by advertising their products anonymously.

  • What's new in 0.69.132 version?

    • Added Uphold two-way wallets. (#4774)
    • Added Crypto Wallet. (#4494)
    • Added Dapp detection. (#718)
    • Added inline tipping support for GitHub. (#5040)
    • Added "Simple View" for Brave Shields. (#1196)
    • Added ability to use either "Simple View" or "Advanced View" as default for Brave Shields in brave://settings. (#4784)
    • Added Chromecast support. (#209)
    • Added "Install Google Translate to translate this page?" popup when viewing websites in other languages. (#5561)
    • Added user feedback options under brave://rewards for viewed ads. (#4047)
    • Added profile manager items to hamburger menu. (#5212)
    • Added ability to import bookmarks and settings from other browsers during onboarding. (#1530)
    • Added keyboard accessibility to the New Tab Page settings menu. (#5041)
    • Added options to show or hide New Tab Page widgets. (#4510)
    • Added "Don't ask again" option to hide Widevine install popup. (#5341)
    • Added verified publisher icon in the tip banner. (#5517)
    • Added setting to "Always show bookmarks bar on New Tab Page" in brave://settings. (#4782)
    • Added link to "Get more extensions" in brave://settings. (#5540)
    • Added dark theme support for brave://settings on Linux. (#5098)
    • Added ability to edit profile in brave://settings. (#5211)
    • Updated bookmark bar to be visible on New Tab Page by default. (#5781)
    • Hide profile icon in navigation bar until user creates a second profile. (#5091)
    • Improved WebTorrent by adding precentages and file size labelling. (#3285)
    • Removed "Sign in to Brave" dialog when saving passwords. (#5849)
    • Disabled "Install Google Translate to translate this page?" popup when using Tor. (#5657)
    • Fixed Twitch tipping using the rewards panel. (#5549)
    • Fixed speaker button in tabs not being able to mute or play audio. (#2025)
    • Fixed Brave ads confirmations not being added into the retry queue in certain cases. (#5599)
    • Fixed re-clicking an ad notification should refocus to an already open landing page tab and not create a new tab. (#5195)
    • Fixed Brave Shields preventing identity verification with webcam when trying to KYC with Uphold. (#4139)
    • Fixed large white spaces being left behind when Brave Shields blocks ads on certain websites. (#4338)
    • Fixed cosmetic filter not blocking "display" properties using the "style" attribute. (#3041)
    • Fixed Brave Shields menu not visible after allowing all scripts. (#5483)
    • Fixed navigation issues in Brave Shields panel when viewing blocked script details. (#5338)
    • Fixed "data:application" items blocked by Brave Shields can't be allowed to run. (#5346)
    • Fixed YubiKeys with latest firmware not working within Brave. (#5697)
    • Fixed WebTorrent HTTP server XSS issue. (#5821)
    • Fixed "Add to Chrome" being displayed instead of "Add to Brave" in Chrome Web Store. (#790)
    • Fixed scaling issues with cover image on tipping banner when resizing window. (#2015)
    • Fixed "Show All" button under the download status bar not visible while using dark theme or when using Tor. (#5350)
    • Fixed download status bar using light theme when dark theme is being used. (#3793)
    • Fixed certain elements on older operating systems using light theme when dark theme is being used. (#4637)
    • Fixed URL bar theme not being updated until mouse over. (#5462)


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-10-07
  • Developer: Brave Software Inc
  • Homepage: www.brave.com
  • Version: 0.69.132
  • File size: 1.24 MB
  • Downloads: 3,558
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7
  • Filename: BraveBrowserSetup32.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 55be49a249ee95ab6fc6b67d11225ba5