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Creating passwords is a difficult task. Most websites require more complicated combinations with numbers, symbols, lower and upper case letters. Even if you came in with a suitable combination, you’ll most likely forget it as soon as you finished typing it. 

Some users solve the problem by copying all the password in a document. However, that is not a safe strategy - the document can be accidentally deleted or worse, get into the wrong hands. The easiest solution is to install a professional password manager that generates and remembers the passwords automatically. 

How Can SpeedyPassword Boost Your PC?

SpeedyPassword is a multi-functional software that combines the features of password remembering tools with the characteristics of password generators. It’s not only a reliable database with passwords but also, an automatic authentication tool. The software automatically logs you into various websites, using remembered logins and passwords. 

Unlike manual password entering, this method secures users from keylogging attacks and spyware activity. Don’t rely on memory to remember long complicated combinations - the software stores all the passwords for you. In the upper menu, users can switch to another software feature, the password generator. Just select the combination parameters - the number of characters, choose lower- or upper-case or both, select symbols, or numbers as additional characters -and the software will come up with a ready-to-use password.

The security is assured by additional encryption level, SSL. On top of that, the service uses a modern encryption standard - AES 256. The data is protected by double-level encryption that makes the data impossible to decipher. 

SpeedyPassword Key Features Include:

  • Remembers all websites automatically;
  • Automatically log-in to any page, using remembered password and login;
  • Generates short and long passwords with numbers, symbols, lower- and upper-case letters;
  • Passwords are double-encrypted, according to the latest security standards.


SpeedyPassword works as a web extension - you don’t have to download and install individual desktop software. The tool is available on all popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and others. A fast combination of a password remembering tool and a generator makes this software one of the most universal password managers, available on the market. Intuitive interface and bug-free features make the tool perfect for children and inexperienced users.

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