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If you are working in a large company and you want to stay in touch with your team members or your employees, one of the easiest ways to do that is using the Hangouts tool designed by Google.

It is easy to use and can synchronize with all your Google accounts and devices.

How is Hangouts Helpful?

Just as the name suggests, Hangouts is specifically designed to encourage better Communications within large corporations as well as among Google Chrome users. It has a straightforward and neatly arranged user interface that has a vast number of fun and helpful features for all kinds of users. Whether you are a beginner PC user or an experienced user, Hangouts offers unique features to encourage a smooth user experience.

Some of the features offered on Hangouts include emojis, GIFs, and many other instant messaging features. Users can sync all of their contacts, including local contacts on their phonebook to stay in touch with anyone around the world. You can add up to 150 people to any group chat. Google Hangouts does not only work when you're online as you can still write to your friends and contacts using an offline mode. You can even send voice notes, make phone calls, as well as send or receive SMS.

Apart from the ability to chat with various Hangouts users,  you have the opportunity to make video calls with individuals as well as with groups. So far, Google Hangouts only supports group video calls with up to 10 users. Well video calling other people, you can enhance your look using fun effects offered by Hangouts. Needless to say that this tool supports microphone and webcam of any device. It can be easily set up on all kinds of devices, including Windows operating system devices as well as mobile phone and iPad.

By tweaking the settings, you can customize Hangouts for personal use. While using Hangouts, you can easily see who is online and who is offline. This tool does not support the 'invisible profile status.' You're also offered notifications whenever you receive a new Hangout message or invite from anyone. Using Hangouts, you can check out profile pictures of other users and read their bio without any restrictions. 

This freeware allows you to share files with your colleagues and friends without any size limitation. You can share your contact, location,  as well as links easily. Since it is a freeware,  it means bugs, as well as feature updates, are available, for free. You can also share this tool without getting sanctioned, since, again it is free.

Google Hangouts do not leave any footprint on your Windows system or any device, because, it is a pretty lightweight tool. While using Hangouts, you are not experiencing any drag in system resources or lag in PC performance level. It is easy to install and set up. Since the Hangouts user window is pretty small, you can move it around on your screen and places on a convenient spot without interrupting your screen activities. 

key Features of Hangouts Include:

  • The ability to create chat groups;
  • Access to emojis, GIFs, maps, stickers, as well as other features;
  •  offers the ability to share files, including photos and other documents;
  • Supports video calling with up to 10 people in the group;
  • Hangouts allow group chat with more than 120 people; 
  • It works excellently in an offline mode; 
  • It has a small user window; 
  • Notifications are synchronized across multiple devices;
  •  you can set notifications for a future response;
  • You can see when others were online; 
  • It can be synchronized with your contacts;
  • It supports various languages;
  • The Hangouts extension is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system;
  • This tool does not drag your computer's performance down;
  • It works perfectly with all kinds of devices, including Android and Mac devices;
  • It's an efficient tool for the workplace.


In general, this software is a pretty handy tool for large corporations. It can Foster seamless Communications between colleagues and as well as with friends. Using hangout is very easy to understand and navigate as the user interface is straightforward and similar to order instant messaging applications. Google Hangouts was created by Google and can be accessed on multiple devices, as well as various operating systems. All you have to do is log into your Google account, and you'll be able to access this too quickly. Google Hangouts is even usable directly on your email interface. You don't need any technical expertise or knowledge to manipulate this tool making it perfect for all kinds of uses.

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