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Are you looking for an easy to use, the most popular web server applications software, then look no further because Apache HTTP Server is just what you require? This server was created in 1995, and it quickly made its way to the number one position, and it is not willing to let go of that spot till date.

Apache HTTP Server also called Apache, is a powerful open-source and free web server software that manages about 46% of websites around the world, it is flexible and an HTTP/1.1 compliant in sync with the current HTTP standards that are maintained and created by the Apache Software Foundation.

It is a very basic GUI that has all the requirements and essentials such as restart and stops the server at will, to speedily access the Windows Services panel, entitled Apache service Monitor and also create a link to the remote analog computers. 

Immediately the HTTP server is set up, start by steering to http://local host/ around the web browser of your liking. This will take you to a blank page that says ‘it works’ on the top-left corner else the installation was unsuccessful and verification to know if the 80 TCP has been used by another application.

When a user needs to add his/her website to the server, the content must be copied within the ‘htdoc’ folder of the installation direction. Its HTTP server supports several programming language interface languages such as Perl, Python, PHP and a Plethora for authentication schemes.

Also, when a visitor or unknown persons try to load a page on your website, e.g., the homepage or the users “About Us” page, the browser immediately sends a request to your server then Apache quickly returns a response with all the solicited files (text, images and so on).

Web pages saved on the server are pressed by using an additional outside module such as the `mod_gzip`; also their security is reliant on the `ModSecurity` invasion, observing and preventive system. It is fully customizable via third-party modules or its configuration files.

Most important is that Apache HTTP Server is the beginning point for any website. It has been tested thoroughly by the web developing community, and this application software has never failed to administer excellent results. Despite how broad your web knowledge level may seem, this flexible server is proving to be exactly what users are looking for when in search of an important solution the HTTP server needs.

The Apache HTTP Server is highly recommended and utilized by web developers, and it is present in most top web server distributions (HTTP, MySQL, and PHP). Its web servers performances are high, and the `MultiProcessing Modules` provides needed powerful and configuration adjustable form.

Most of its server runs on a Linux distribution; also the current versions run on Microsoft Windows and a wide option of Unix-like systems. Older versions ran on OpenVMS, NetWare, OS/2 and other operating systems as well as ports to mainframes This Apache web server software in 2009, delivered services to over 100 million websites, so far 29% active websites are served ranking after nginx at 32% and others as well. Apache was coined from software patches code, a pun on ‘A PAtCHY’ server which stuck.

The performance of Apache gives several MultiProcessing Modules (MPMs), that makes it run in a hybrid model, process-based mode, or an event-hybrid mode, so there is a better mix for demands of each specific infrastructure.

Just like most powerful web servers or software it is not perfect as you may mostly like have issues installing Apache and it may not start when this occurs the default for log files is as follows; CentOS/Fedora - /var/log/httpd/error log, for Windows - C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\logs\error.log, Debian/Ubuntu - /var/log/apache2/error_log. Ensure to save and use as it is when a problem is encountered

It also has an issue in the application SSL certificates, and it may have blocked ports and conflicting software, it has an Htaccess that doesn’t work and finally the server may refuse to cooperate with the SSL.

Here is a detailed list of features;

  • It has a loaded unique module, multiple request processing modes (MPMs) including threaded, prefork, and event-based/Async.
  • Apache greatly scalable which means it can easily handle more than 10,000 connections simultaneously
  • Handling of static files, index files, Load balancing with in-band health checks, auto-indexing, and content negotiation as well as several balancing load mechanisms
  • It is IPv6-compatible and aTLS/SSL with SNI, OCSP stapling support through OpenSSL or wolfSSL.
  • The HTTP server can tolerate faults and failures ready for an automatic recovery; it has a unique configuration, effective authorization access control, and nice authentication
  • A URL rewritable, headers and content rewriting software with an IP address- based virtual server
  • Apache works on both Unix and Windows because it is a cross-platform software 
  • It can be enabled for you to set up your server configurations via a file called .htaccess, supported with all Hostinger plans.
  • Apache HTTP Server must establish a connection between browsers and the server of website visitors such as (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)


The major purpose of the Apache HTTP Server is aimed at creating a robust, commercial-grade, feature-rich and freely available source code implementation of an HTTP (Web) server. Research shows that a group of volunteers came together to manage the project jointly, and they are all located from around the world. The sole and major purpose or aim, however, was to use the Internet and the Web to communicate, plan, and develop the server and its related documentation for consumers and various business users. As the earlier indicated project is supported by the Apache Software Foundation. Besides, it has allowed hundreds of users to contributed ideas, code, and documentation to make it strive.

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