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Engaging your audience might seem a bit of a challenge sometimes. Often times, teachers have difficulty in carrying the students along in their various discussions. In fact, teachers desiring to monitor the real-time activities of their students on their devices cannot do so without having to move to where each student is. There will always arise the need to move around freely with one’s device in one’s hand while doing a presentation. 

Many times, more than one-person desire to present different (maybe related) things at the same time but find it very difficult to do so. In this present world, multiple connections to one big screen is a strong common interest in this present technologically advancing world. The developer has sought ways of bypassing very secured network environments. 

Finding out what can work effectively, even in-network restricted environments such as universities, business areas, and so on. The desire to display what is on one’s Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows 10, Android, Chromebook, Windows 7, Linux, etc. on a big screen is now on something needed worldwide in different sectors.

Why Should You Use AirServer?

AirServer makes efficient and effective use of a big screen or a projector screen. With AirServer, you can beam your device’s display to your computer system using a wireless connection. AirServer makes your computer system a mirror receiver. It allows you to mirror the display from your device. For displays, it makes use of AirPlay, MiraCast, or Chromecast tools. Connections can be done one by one or simultaneously. It helps you establish a wireless connection in projecting a display on your big screen from other devices. It does not have any limit to what can be displayed from individual devices as even multimedia, powerpoint presentations, etc. can be displayed. AirServer supplies you with the non-restriction of moving freely around a classroom with your device in your hand.

The desire of having the liberty of free movement while doing a presentation is efficiently and effectively met by AirServer. In maintaining a multi-connection with many devices at the same time is established with the use of AirServer. Managing the real-time activities of students on their devices can be achieved using AirServer.

In many network restricted areas such as Universities or business areas, AirServer helps you bypass the firewall of such restricted areas. Using projectors or big screens is a common practice in an educational environment. AirServer makes the use of projectors or big screens effective as it gives you full control of the security options, firewall rules, and network deployment.

Key Features of AirServer Include:

  • AirServer is Windows 10 certified.
  • It helps to mirror external devices.
  • It has a smart layout.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It also has an interactive environment.
  • It does not require a third-party application.
  • It communicates with the use of Google Cast, MiraCast, and AirPlay.
  • It is compatible with wireless functions of Windows 10.
  • It supports Windows 7 with the installation of Google Chrome browser.
  • It is compatible with Chromebook.
  • It gives the advantage of moving about the class with a device in hand.
  • It supports multiple connections.
  • It supports simultaneous connections.
  • It enables the sharing of ideas with the rest.
  • It has picture enhancement.
  • It has password protection.
  • It bypasses firewall rules.
  • It gives full control of network deployment.
  • It works effectively in restricted network areas.
  • It requires a license for each computer.
  • It can connect with unlimited devices.
  • It can be used for recording, Home entertainment, gaming, education, business, and so on.
  • It enables a seamless connection.
  • It enhances classroom management.
  • It helps to monitor, in real-time, what students are doing.


AirServer is a software that helps to turn your computer system into a universal mirroring receiver. AirServer is compatible with devices such as iPhone, Mac, Windows 10, Android, Chromebook, Windows 7, iPad, Linux, and so on.

What's new in 5.5.9 version?

  • Fixed compatibility issues with AirServer Connect app.
  • Fixed AirServer not showing up on older iOS devices running iOS7 and iOS8.


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  • Version: 5.5.9
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