The Web is not always safe to browse. The evolution of viruses and malware never ends, and you cannot be sure that your antivirus will protect you from everything. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you have to give up on security software. Today, the best course of action is to double your defenses and use one primary antivirus and a secondary antimalware tool. You can get a free antivirus with real-time protection as the first line of defense, and then look for another program to provide a second opinion. For that purpose, you should check Zemana AntiMalware that we’re reviewing in this article.

Zemana AntiMalware Free

Zemana Main Window

This antimalware utility was developed for the Windows platform. It is a very compact program that has a premium version and a free one. Performing scans in Zemana does not affect the performance of your computer at all, while it detects the embedded bootkits/rootkits in directories where your main antivirus does not dare. If you have a feeling that there is definitely something wrong with your system – perform the Deep Scan. In case, you are worried about the most vulnerable system folder, go for the Smart Scan. The first type of scanning requires more time, of course, but both of them are much faster in comparison with other free antiviruses. After scanning, the program will show a list of detected threats, infected files, and folders. Thanks to the user-friendly interface deleting them will take a second of your time. Also, Zemana creates a Restore Point before deleting the threats detected.

Free second in command antivirus

We really love how flexible Zemana is. It allows the user to adjust personal preferences and select desired settings. You can add exclusions, create scanning schedules, choose browser cleaning options, manage notifications, and more. Alas, some settings are blocked in the free version of the software. In order to get full access, you must get the paid version of Zemana Antimalware. However, we still believe that the free version is enough if it is not your main antivirus. After checking a full report after scanning, you will see that this software performs very well.

Browser Cleanup is not a common feature for free antimalware. In the case with Zemana’s product, you get it in one package. It can free your browser from unnecessary add-ons, unwanted toolbars, and potentially unwanted applications.

Don’t expect any real-time protection features from the free version of Zemana Antimalware. It is also won’t help against ransomware. That is why we recommend it as a second-opinion antivirus only.

Zemana Settings

All in all, it is still worth installing on your PC as you won’t even notice it silently working in the background and checking suspicious files that your main antivirus missed.

Zemana Antimalware has a portable version in addition to an installer one. You can download Free Demo from the official website right now(or download latest version from RocketFiles) and scan your PC for various, worms, viruses, trojans, and more.