If we were to say what is Putlocker in one sentence, we would say that it is a website for watching films and TV series online. It was originally launched in the UK 7 years ago, and since then it had grown to the heavyweight league with millions of users visiting the website daily (especially when access to Megaupload was restricted). The UK High Court blocked Putlocker in the country, and since May of 2016, it is impossible to use the original website normally. In its glory days, Putlocker was in the Top 250 sites with and accumulated the most traffic worldwide. Alas, this could not last forever, and the website was confirmed as a major piracy threat by Motion Picture Association of America.

Since launch, the original domain address of the site has been changed multiple times. The latest domain name – putlockers.ch – has also been blocked and confiscated by the decision of a Luxembourg court. However, there are more than fifty proxy sites and mirrors with the Putlocker name up and running.

Since its first appearance on the scene, Putlocker has become the #1 website for millions of cinema fans that enjoyed free movie streaming. But now, when you cannot access the website, you need to find better or at least equal alternatives to Putlocker. We probably should not wait for a new incarnation of the website since there is no related news circulating around it at the moment. That is why we decided to compose our own top 10 list with streaming websites for watching movies and TV shows. We hope that you will find a good alternative to Putlocker that will suit your needs and preferences.


123Movies.lc - alternatives to Putlocker

123Movies offers access to a huge database of titles, including fresh releases. The best thing about it – you don’t even have to create an account or log in to watch the content. You just type what you want in the search bar and click on the title to begin streaming on your PC or mobile device with a stable internet connection. You will find movies and TV shows of all kinds on 123Movies, including new blockbusters fresh out of the cinema. Moreover, titles from other streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu can also be found here.

No wonder why 123Movies has become so popular these days with such variety of content. And that is why we think it is a good alternative to Putlocker. Use any browser to watch your favorite shows and films from your tablet or smartphone – you are not limited to PC only on 123Movies!

Los Movies

Los Movies - alternatives to Putlocker

Another good choice similar to Putlocker but it is much better organized, in our opinion. All movies on the website are added to the main database and divided into different categories. You can search by genre, by actor, or director. Or you can track the latest releases in your country and worldwide, sort films by popularity, by the date they were added, by the availability of English subtitles, and more. There is also an index list, which is very useful when you are searching for a particular movie. In order to stream content from the website you don’t need an active account (or any kind of account at all) – everything is free and unlimited to everyone on Los Movies.

However, we have noticed a number of broken links on the website while browsing. Some movies don’t have full descriptions. Additional important information is not always filled and keeps your guessing about missing elements. On the bright side, the majority of movies have subtitles, and we are talking not only about English subtitles – there are multiple choices including less popular languages such as Hungarian and German. Los Movies shows you ads and pop-ups from time to time when you are browsing its pages. It might be a bit irritating if you cannot find your movie quickly. Other than that – nothing painful from the user’s standpoint.


Rainierland - alternatives to Putlocker

A streaming website with a clean, laconic, user-friendly, and pleasant interface. The content is categorized for maximum convenience so that users will find any desired films or TV show with ease. Rainierland is perfect for watching movies for free. The movie database on the website is colossal, and it is constantly expanding. Add TV shows available on Rainierland to the mix, and you will get a tool for killing free time and boredom. On other similar websites it is difficult to find regularly updated TV shows, but on Rainierland new episodes of popular series.

In order to find the desired movie or show, you just need to type its name (or part of it) in the search box. The search engine will list all hits, including TV shows with their episodes allowing you to select the one you would like to watch via the menu options. Featured movies on the main page also a cool idea that helps visitors that are not sure what they want to watch right now.

What we liked about Rainierland the most besides its simplicity and content was their approach to users. The website does not force you to create an account. So you can open it and start watching any movie or show without any needlessly complicated procedures. The admin team regularly updates the database so you can watch the latest movies and episodes from your favorite shows. By “regularly” we mean once in three or four days – still it is much more frequent than the majority of other streaming websites. The quality of uploaded videos exceeds all expectations. High-quality movies with crystal clear image on the screen of your laptop or personal computer – anytime, anywhere.


Popcornflix - alternatives to Putlocker

The history of this website begins in 2011 when the first bunch of independent films has become available on it. Today this service is available in North America and can be accessed on various streaming devices and even gaming consoles (not mentioning web browsers). The original content uploaded to the website was produced independently. But over the course of time, the team started adding more movies including high-rated Hollywood flicks in various genres. In order to watch top-rated and popular blockbusters on Popcornflix, you need to watch advertisements first. When you are done with ads, you gain access to a full-length film. On Popcornflix you will also find a wide range of TV shows, cartoon series, and even a few British shows.

At the moment of writing this articles, the website’s database contains more than 700 movies. Maybe it is not a vast collection, but nevertheless, it allows Popcornflix to stay in all Top 10s of streaming sites. All kinds (genres) of movies are represented here, and they are sourced from Screen Media Library. There were even a few attempts to expand their collection with high-quality documentaries. All movies on Popcornflix can be watched free of charge in a few clicks. The monetization to keep the site afloat is based on showing ads to visitors. Considering the opportunity to watch a full-length movie for the “price” of three or four advertisements – it is a great deal. The interface is easy to use, plus all movies are divided into categories. The built-in player, however, could use some improvements, for example, the option to enable/disable subtitles or change resolution. Right now users can only watch the only version that was uploaded by the admin team.


Moviewatcher - alternatives to Putlocker

MovieWatcher – also known as MovieWatcher.IS – is a streaming platform with various movies and popular TV series. It covers all genres without exception – adventure, romance, documentary, comedy, action, sport – you name it! It also lets you download the content from the website. Users can read useful information about the series before deciding whether they should watch the show or not. In addition to that, the site provides review information from sources such as IMDB.

MovieWatcher copies a popular pattern used by many other websites working as an index for films and TV series. The owners of the website are not uploading content directly but rather scrape it from other sites (Openload.co, Vid.to, Vidup.me, Vidzi.tv, etc.) to index and serving links to viewable and downloadable content. With multiple content sources, the offering mass is always higher than the one on the original sites. MovieWatcher owners chose a wise policy that allows them to stay under the radar of DMCA as they do not upload original content themselves. This means that you can legally use this website although it is sharing pirated content for viewing.


Vumoo - alternatives to Putlocker

This website commonly appears on various lists related to watching free movies online and alternatives to other popular streaming platforms. It functions almost like Netflix providing unlimited access to its content but with one meaningful twist – unlike Netflix, there is no monthly fee to be paid. Such offerings are always tempting, especially when you are low on budget or don’t have enough time to watch it all but still want occasionally check fresh movie releases.

First of all, we should clarify that Vumoo cannot be labeled as a pirate site because they don’t upload and don’t provide links to download any video content whatsoever. So how do they provide content for streaming, you might ask? Vumoo uses other sources to get you what you want. This scheme is not entirely legit, as the website play the role of a search engine that finds direct links to the desired movies or shows hosted on other websites. Those websites are most certainly pirate ones such as Megavideo, MovShare, Vidbux, vidto, Muchshare, Vidbull, Nosvideo, Videozed, Putlocker, Allmyvideos, Sockshare, Gorillavid, Filenuke, and others.


MOVIE4K.is - alternatives to Putlocker

This streaming platform is very much similar to Putlocker. Also, besides movies, it also has a collection of TV shows and some adult content as well. Using Movie4K is a very pleasant experience as it shows all important information you might want to know before watching a film or show – length, ratings, genre, cast, year of the release. It is very helpful and allows you to save your time. Plus, you can read visitors’ comments below each video and leave your own. The built-in player is nothing special, but it is ok. Movie4K provides multiple streaming links with different quality, allows downloading HD films and shows, create own playlists, and more (all of those requires a sign up).

After creating your personal account, you will be able to watch anything you want in high quality in two clicks. The site has an impressive collection of movies, which are neatly organized in the alphabet order and based on their category. Instead of traditional search, you can dive into comments in order to find what movie would be the best choice for you. No matter what you choose, on Movie4K you can be sure that in the end, you will get a smooth viewing experience.


1Channel - alternatives to Putlocker

Another popular Putlocker alternative. This one, however, can be a little confusing for new visitors as there are no dedicated categories for movies. The owners of the platforms decided to keep it simple, leaving only two options on the main page: “Featured movies” and “Movies just added.” So when coming to this website for watching something, you should better know the name of the show or film.

Each movie or TV show page has tags for genres, main actors, and IMDB rating to make viewing decision easier and navigation a bit easier. However, we would like to see more synopsis here as well or at least a short summary of the movie. The content on the website seems to be safe and untouched by malicious code. To be able to watch movies for free on 1Channel, you going to need a free account.


PrimeWire - alternatives to Putlocker

PrimeWire is a well-known streaming website that may cover all your media needs: music, movies, TV shows, and other media. It runs the ad-based monetization that can be played before the start of the selected video or on the site’s sidebars. It is the only thing that stands between you and free media on PrimeWire, which is great.

In most cases, when you click on a movie or a song, a small pop-up ad with links will appear. Those links are like playing Russian roulette – some may lead to harmless websites, while others link to a suspicious site that might be infected with malware. That is why we recommend browsing all websites with ads-based monetization with ad-blocker or pop-up blockers on. PrimeWire should not be an exception.

As we already said, PrimeWire is unlike other streaming websites because it adds music listening to the mix of TV shows and movies. Another great feature that makes this website even more unique and attractive for users is the possibility to create and save own playlists from media uploaded to the site. Unfortunately, sharing those playlists or checking playlists created by other is impossible at the moment.

Free movies cinema

Free movies cinema - alternatives to Putlocker

All movies on this platform are categorized in sections according to their genres, which makes it super easy to navigate. On top of the main page, you will also find useful sections: short films, classics, series, and all movies. In the All Movies section, you can select Channels menu that opens a page with dedicated channels: drama, documentary, war, animation, horror, western, comedy, action, and fantasy. If you want to check trending movies on the website, scroll down to the bottom until you see the “Most popular movies section.”

Some movies on this platform may be in HD, while others can be viewed in Full HD in full-screen mode with a crystal clear image. Free movies cinema does care about their content, and it is nice to watch some high-quality media that is usually unavailable on other streaming platforms.

You would be surprised that Free movies cinema is not adding any advertisements in their video. We watched several full-length movies and clicked a few more just to be sure but no ads were detected (we didn’t have any ad-blockers active at the moment of the test). This might be a decisive factor for many users as other similar platforms usually tend to fill their content with multiple ads. This ads-free policy surely makes Free movies cinema stand out of the crowd.