Today streaming becomes popular each day, so no wonder that new streaming apps appear regularly and the already existing ones receive major updates. If you are a streamer on Twitch, YouTube, or any other platform, you have probably heard about Streamlabs. This app has become the one and only streaming tool with its convenient donation management, unique overlays, custom notifications, and many other cool features. Was it possible to make an already great app even better? Yes! Please, welcome Streamlabs OBS – your friend, support, and trusted companion in the world of streaming. 

What is Streamlabs Open Broadcaster Software?

Streamlabs Main

Long story short, OBS takes all the best features of Streamlabs, add new things to the mix, and packs it all in one user-friendly application. If you have been using multiple apps and programs for streaming, with Streamlabs OBS, you just need one! The developers managed to combine everything a streamer needs in their app: convenient dashboard, chat windows, video previews, etc. The video quality has been improved, while the CPU usage lowered. We don’t know how they achieved this, but they did!

Streamlabs OBS is based on the OBS engine. Without this engine, which is a product of a collaboration of many great minds, the Streamlabs OBS wouldn’t be as good as it is today. But you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that Streamlabs OBS is just a redesigned version of OBS. The core functionality is copied from the OBS Studio app, it’s true, but it was enhanced with many additional features. The feature we love more than others, for example, allows to pull the chat box into the program while you are streaming on Twitch or Mixer, so you don’t need a browser or another app to read comments. Setting up a stream is as easy as it is in OBS. Even beginner streamers shouldn’t have problems figuring out what to do.  

Performance improvements

Performance improvements

The developers of Streamlabs OBS claim that have improved their app has much better performance than other software for streaming. The managed to decrease CPU usage and achieve up to 25% performance boost. If it is really true, it is already more than enough to start using it. We suppose that the performance of the app depends on your configuration and how many additional programs you have active during your streams.

We decided to run a few tests and compare Streamlabs OBS and XSplit. We used the same setup for streaming in both these programs. The first thing to surprise us was RAM usage. XSplit wanted 300MB more to run a stream on the same settings. Overall, it used around 1GB of RAM, while Streamlabs OBS was satisfied with 700MB.

Streamlabs OBS also had lower CPU usage, but the gap was not critical, just about 6%-7%, but still, it earns additional points for the app. Keep in mind that we were comparing the same setup in two different apps without any other software running. With Streamlabs you have enough resources to run a ton of other programs and also actively use your web browser. 

The only little disappointment during the test was the setup process itself. XSplit is very easy, reliable, and quick, while Streamlabs OBS takes its time to “think” and may even periodically freeze for a moment. Well, it is still in beta, so minor bugs and glitches are pardonable.

Features for everyone

Features for everyone

We already mentioned a cool trick with pulling a chat from Twitch or Mixer to the app in this article. Want more cool stuff? Of course, you do! How about summarizing all important information such as subscriptions, followers, stream stats, viewers, and donations in one place? Streamlabs OBS has all your needs covered.

If you have been using the original Streamlabs for stuff like that, you won’t waste your time adapting to Streamlabs OBS. As we said, all main features of the original program were carefully integrated into the new app and improved. For example, you want to make your stream cool and lively with a pre-made interface. You can do it within the streaming app now! No need to look for an URL and spend your time copy-pasting links in the settings.

Update Stream Info

According to the developers’ promises, you need about one minute to set up your stream. You know, it does not seem they were lying about that. If you have been using Streamlabs before, all your settings and data will be pulled in automatically as you log in. Don’t worry about the stream setup – all settings can be imported on a fly. But if you are just starting your streaming career, then it may take more time to finish all preparations.

Final word

Even on the beta stage, Streamlabds OBS feels like a finalized and polished streaming software. It takes the best from OBS and combines with what people love about Streamlabs. Then it adds a wide array of features to make the app even better. You will surely love things like in-app chat and stream titling. Former Streamlabs users will be happy to see the familiar interface that makes managing all their streaming stuff quick and simple. Moving from OBS also a piece of cake as all your previous settings will be carefully imported. If you are a dedicated streamer but don’t have a high-end PC, you will be glad to see how Streamlabs OBS uses your computer resources and how easy it is to set up. We definitely recommend trying this wonderful streaming app right now. Don’t be afraid of the “Beta” label – it is already an accomplished software waiting on some bugs to be fixed before the final release.