The Internet is full of questionable and infected websites that patiently wait for unsuspecting users that did not bother to protect their computers. Today any computer connected to the Web without antivirus or antimalware is vulnerable to numerous types of cyber threats. According to global statistics, it usually takes about 5-10 minutes to get infected via direct attacks, downloads, and adware. Adware can be as annoying as dangerous because it throws tons of unwanted links at you and those links usually lead to infected sources. Without an antivirus, you cannot know what websites are dangerous, and standard Windows defenses including its firewall can’t protect your PC from everything.

That is why leading cybersecurity experts advise having a second line of defense in the form of antimalware and antiviruses. You can use just one solution, but their combination will obviously be better as antimalware products serve as a complementary guard and target specific threats that can slip past your regular antivirus.

In this regard, we will review Reason Core Security today. It is available for free (at least the Standard Protection) and does the very job in the unequal battle against malware and adware threats. The developers of Reason Core Security are from the team behind. Should I Remove It and herdProtect. That background should be enough to trust them and give their software a try.

Reason Core Security Scan

Today we will focus on the free version of Reason Core Security. And we are sure that by the end of this article you will probably want to check this software. By the way, the team lead in Reason Core Security is Andrew Newman, the GIANT Company Software co-founder in the past (before the company was bought by Microsoft).

Reason Core Security features

There are two versions of Reason Core Security available at the moment – free and paid. Even if you decide to try a free version, you will get a fully functional program for the one month of trial. When you get the installer, it will download the full version of Reason Core Security with all functions unlocked. But after 30 days the trial will end, and some functions will become inaccessible.

Also, keep in mind that the free version does not have real-time protection and lacks automatic scans. However, you can perform manual scans to be sure that everything is ok. The real-time protection will be deactivated after 30 days if you don’t buy the license. Also, you won’t be able to block potentially unwanted programs in real-time. Manual scans against adware and PUPs will remain.

Reason Core Security performs very well against various malware threats, especially adware. After you finish the installation of the app, it will start an initial scan of your computer. If something dangerous is found, the app will recommend performing a full scan. It takes more time than the first scan, especially if you have multiple disks. Reason Core Security checks the most vulnerable directories on your PC first, then analyzes programs that are usually targeted by adware. By the end of the procedure, you will get a report with the full results of the scan.  

For our tests, we infected a machine with a dozen annoying adware examples. It messed up the settings of the web browser and flooded it with different links and ads. After performing a security check with Reason Core Security, all twelve instances of adware were found and automatically removed. Good result.

Next, we tested the app against PUPs. Potentially unwanted programs usually come in bundles with useful software. We wanted to install a Java package we downloaded from the Web. It had an unnecessary toolbar added to the mix, which we most certainly didn’t want on our PC. Unfortunately, the program did not react to that PUP. Maybe it thinks it is not a dangerous program or just fails to detect it. This aspect certainly needs improvement.

Another feature we liked in Reason Core Security is the list of Startup items. You can check the list in the options in the Tools tab. It is even too easy to access, we would say. It can be bad because inexperienced users may deactivate important elements or services without even understanding what they are doing. You see, unlike many other programs, Reason Core Security shows all applications rather than those from the Startup group. It is almost to easy to mess up things and make your system unstable. We don’t recommend changing anything on this menu unless you know what you are doing.

Reason Core Security features

All in all, the free version of the program is good enough to be on anyone’s PC as the second line of defense against malware.