The best method to keep Internet surfing private and safe is to use a VPN service. Thanks to the advanced encryption techniques utilized by VPNs, no one will be able to track you down or steal your personal information. This alone is enough to explain why VPNs are so popular today. And today we want to talk about to specific VPN services from the top league – NordVPN and IPVanish. Furthermore, we will compare them as they both have a lot of cool features to offer. Which one should you pick? We hope that this article will help you to answer that question. So, let’s look into differences and similarities.   

Log keeping

Users that need full privacy while browsing should pay attention to this in the first place. All VPNs conceal your identity, but some of them cannot resist log keeping and action tracking. It is better to stay away from services that monitor and log your browsing activity. Why? Well, various interested parties cannot track you directly when you are using a VPN, but they can possibly get to those logs, created by your VPN service. This nullifies the whole purpose of using a VPN. Let’s compare the privacy policy of NordVPN and IPVanish. 

On the IPVanish website, you can read that this service is not interested in collecting, monitoring, and logging your browsing habits. They really don’t care how you are using the service — no tracking whatsoever. The only thing with your personal information available to these guys is your account, which is needed to pay for the service.  

The NordVPN’s privacy policy reads: all online sessions of our clients are neither tracked nor logged. This includes information about used IP addresses/servers, visited sites, and downloaded files. All your private data is not gathered at all. It means that NordVPN cannot share a thing about your browsing behavior – they simply don’t know anything about you.

Both services are equally safe and secure. They get five stars from us for that.

Servers and locations

NordVPN Servers and locations

The more servers a VPN service has, the better. It is all about flexibility and comfortable browsing, so you can always select a server with minimal load and a good connection. Plus, it is good to have the option to pretend as an individual living in a different country.

NordVPN covers more than 60 countries with it has 5134 servers in different cities across the globe. In some countries, NordVPN has servers with extra features with no additional cost. For example, Double VPN (double encryption technology) or P2P. 

As for IPVanish, it also has servers in more than 60 countries, but the number of those servers is five times less (1100 to be precise). Also, you should keep in mind that IPVanish’s servers are mostly presented by cities in Europe and North America, while NordVPN covers more exotic parts of the planet. 

It means that NordVPN offers better flexibility with more servers and better coverage.


We tested NordVPN and IPVanish for a week – random servers, evenings and mornings. As you would expect from the best of the best, the results are more or less the same. Small drops, as well as minor speed boosts, happened from time to time (depending on the chosen location). Nothing to talk about. We call it a draw.


IPVanish Android

If you are planning to use a VPN on one device, you can skip this paragraph. But if you are an Internet geek like us and want a stable VPN on all your gadgets, then you need to know how many simultaneous connections per account each service allows.

IPVanish starts with ten simultaneous connections on one account. However, you can use just one device connected via PPTP or L2TP, your other devices will be limited to choosing from IPSec, OpenVPN, or IKEv2. Not a big problem, to be honest, because those protocols assure the best performance of all. Also, you can use IPVanish on routers with Tomato or DD-WRT firmware, so that all devices connected to the router will have the VPN protection.  

NordVPN falls behind a bit with only six devices per one account. The same trick with a router also works with NordVPN – all connected devices will be protected. So, it is ten simultaneous connections versus six. IPVanish wins.

Bandwidth limits

This is something you shouldn’t worry about. Bandwidth limits are typical for free VPN services or trial packages. Both our competitors offer unlimited bandwidth with zero throttling. You can connect to any server and use it as long as you need.


IPVanish Features

NordVPN has a bag full of goodies for its users. Things like a double VPN with an extra layer of protection, the CyberSec filter to block adware and infected websites, dedicated P2P servers for easy file sharing, and access to the Onion network with its anonymizing powers are on the menu.

As for IPVanish, they don’t offer dedicated P2P servers, so file sharing while using VPN can be problematic, plus, they don’t have a live chat for quick customer support, while NordVPN has this feature. Sending an email asking for assistance in 2019? Not a good idea. 

Both services have important features such as kill switches, apps for easier management, data anti-leak measures. But just the number of additional features earns one point for NordVPN.


NordVPN offers three plans for you to choose from: one month, one year, and two years. The latter comes with the best price which is only $3.99 per month. The one-year plan asks to pay $6.99 a month. The one-month plan costs $11.95. All these options come with a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you didn’t like something, you would get a refund. Later NordVPN added another plan that saves you 75% asking only $2.99 per month if you pay for three years in advance.

VPN Prices

IPVanish does practically the same but with a money back guarantee cut down to seven days. One month will cost you $10. Want to save 25%? Pay for three months in advance and each month will cost you $8.99. If you select the one-year plan, then one month of using IPVanish will be $6.49

IPVanish VPN Pricing

We cannot say who is the winner here. It depends on how you are planning to use your VPN. One-year plans are almost the same. If you are not sure that you will be using a VPN in the future regularly, then the IPVanish month-to-month option will be cheaper. But you will pay less with NordVPN in the long run.



Both these services deserve their place in the top tier of VPNs. Strong encryption, no tracking, and logging, outstanding performance, tons of servers, similar prices. The only thing that makes NordVPN greater is its flexibility with better coverage, more servers, and a few extra features that its competitor lacks.