Following the release of iOS 12 Golden Master, Apple decided it just about time to present the new and update version of iTunes that goes by the number 12.9. This update has one major bonus we all have been waiting for – it makes the app fully compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods running on iOS 12. Also, all active Apple Music subscribers now can use a smart search that allows finding songs by lyrics and also check the new design of artists’ pages.

iTunes 12.9 — what’s new in store?

As we already mentioned above, the main innovation of the update is going to be full iOS 12 support. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and you are planning to install iOS 12 after its official release on 17th of September, then you should definitely upgrade your iTunes as well. Only with iTunes 12.9 you synchronization and backups are guaranteed to work as intended on devices that use iOS 12.

iTunes 12.9 also comes with brand new features designed to improve your music listening experience and navigation through the app. If we are to pick our personal favorite, it would be the smart search. This feature allows you to find any song by writing just a few words from the lyrics. This function is also integrated into the Music app in iOS 12.

With iTunes 12.9 all Apple Music users can choose a radio based on their music tastes and artists. The app now has artists’ pages with the playback button. In addition, iTunes 12.9 has a section with music charts from different countries – a perfect way to find something fresh and new. Or you can always check your friends’ playlists for latest additions – this is also a thing in iTunes 12.9! You can download iTunes 12.9 and use it right now on PC and Macs.

iTunes 12.9: quick summary

It is a major update that brought us many cool features such as iOS 12 support and smart search option available for all Apple Music users. Now you can easily find any song even if you remember just one line or even less.

*New feature – artist pages. One click is all it takes for you to create your own radio that will be playing tracks of your favorite band. In the updated version, navigating through the songs and albums has become even more easier.

*Musical mixes of your friends. Now you not only see only our own playlist but also check the music your friends like to listen.

*World charts. Hundreds of the most popular songs from all over the world at your fingertips.