We already told you about the Fitbit Charge 2 fitness and its best alternatives, and now we decided to add a little bonus for that guide. This guide will be interesting to all Fitbit Charge 2 owners and people thinking about getting one. You have probably seen the standard bands for the tracker – they look pretty average and underwhelming. That, of course, depends on your personal taste. We didn’t like the standard option and decided to look for more creative, good-looking alternatives, available on the mass market. Here are our top-6 picks!

Simple and elegant

humenn bands charge 2

If you prefer minimalism, love things with a simple design but unique feel, then you should definitely get the HUMENN bands and throw your standard Fitbit Charge 2 bands away. Don’t get fooled by the first impression – this product may look like the original band, but HUMENN’s product has much better materials – stylish buckles made from surgical-grade stainless steel and durable elastomer bracelet. Adjusting the new band on your hand is very easy, plus you won’t even notice it on your hand thanks to the soft materials. HUMENN bands cost around $6-7.   

More leather, please


The leather is always a good choice that never goes out of season. It is a perfect companion for various fashionable accessories, outfits, and so on. That is why getting a new leather band for your Fitbit Charge 2 adds a ton of style points to your score. Especially, if this is a byite leather band. The brand is known for its creativity and high-grade materials. This model is made of genuine leather, features a stainless-steel buckle that assures a secure grip on your wrist. Furthermore, this product comes with 12 months of warranty and will be replaced if it is broken during this period. Expect to pay about $12-13 for this band.   

Maximum glamour


If you are no strange to the bling and glam, then you will love the Etsy’s Gold Swirl Scroll Charge 2 Bracelet. All these bands are handmade, highly-detailed, feature gold-plated spacers. This is already enough to turn your standard Fitbit Charge 2 into an extraordinary gadget. Everybody will notice this bracelet on your wrist thinking that it is an exclusive piece of jewelry. If you are not a big fan of the hi-tech style but still would love to go with your trusted fitness tracker anywhere, just give it the exquisite jewelry look with this replacement band. It is more expensive than other picks, so prepare to pay at least $30 for this one.

Italian style


Another classy, elegant, and ideal for wearing everyday accessory. Milanese Loop for Fitbit Charge 2 by Wearlizer is easily adjustable, so finding the proper size is not even a question here. The band is made of flexible stainless-steel material. It is meshed to be lightweight and more stylish. Forget about claps and locks because this model has none – wearing the Milanese Loop is all about comfort. We love the quality of the product and think that its price should be even a bit higher than $13.   

Timeless classic


Another great product by bayite. This stainless-steel bracelet is for those who love classic solutions. Replace the standard Fitbit Charge 2 bracelet with this band, and you will feel like you are wearing a serious watch, not a plastic fitness tracker. High-quality steel, outstanding durability, laconic design, and easy to adjust on all wrists no matter how small or big they are. This is what bayite offers you. Did we forget to mention the double-button clasp? And the enclosure type that looks like a butterfly? Ok, add it to the list of features! This replacement band will cost you from $12 to $17.     

Full fitness mode


Are you a fitness junkie? Do you like it when your gadgets reflect your vision of life? Then why don’t you give your fitness tracker a sportier look? With the Lwsengme’s bracelet made of soft silicone, you receive a fantastically breathable and super lightweight band that will make your training sessions more productive. This band is easily bendable but durable, soft to touch, and fits wrists of all sizes. Who said that sports accessories could not be stylish? Lwsengme disproves this statement with their products. The band features a stainless-steel buckle, 100% waterproof materials, and it is not afraid of the sweat. Choose one of the five different color combinations and reach new heights with your visually upgraded Fitbit Charge. The price varies from $5 to 13$.