The PlayStation 4 saw the world six years ago. Up to now, it remains the best tool for gamers. PS4 supports a wide array of games, ranging from racing and strategy to role-playing or puzzle games. If you have never used PS4, it is really hard to choose the right game to start your gaming experience. But we hope that our insightful review will help you make the right choice! So get comfortable and have a look!

Best Action Games

Best Action Games

If you like action games, we strongly suggest reviewing these options:

  • The Surge 2. This is a superb action game, which offers a science-fiction dystopian  setting and a limb-targeting mechanic. When playing, you’ll jump into a huge city with hundreds of awesome secrets that you must uncover to protect it from enemies.
  • Control. The main goal of a player in this game is to uncover mysteries and defeat the enemies you’ll come across. Your mission is to save the world from doom.
  • Sekiro. Shadows Die Twice. If you like extreme, this game is the best choice for you. The game is filled with a variety of monsters that are ready to kill you at absolutely any moment.

Action-Adventure Games

If you prefer action-adventure games, we recommend choosing one of these games:

  • God of War. The game is focused on Greek mythology. It is the most visually impressive game for PS4, which will help you forget about your daily routine.
Action-Adventure Games
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It is an epic adventure with fascinating graphics. You’ll be offered to go through awesome landscapes of South Africa while uncovering the secrets of this continent. The game includes superb shooting mechanics and a variety of hidden treasures.
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man. This solution is for those who love this character. Want to be a spiderman? Your dream may easily come true. While playing, you’ll be offered to unlock amazing suits and gadgets that allow you to feel like a real spiderman.

Fighting Games

We all are different and we all love different game genres. If you can’t do without fighting games, this list might come in handy:

  • Mortal Combat 2. This game saw the world in the 90s and even today, it is very popular among users. In current times, this fighting franchise is the best in the world because it offers more cinematic story and more complex combat mechanics. Moreover, it is the most customizable fighting game. You’ll have a chance to choose cosmetic skins, a wide array of weapons and lots of other tools that can influence your performance.
Fighting Games
  • Injustice 2. The greatest benefit of this game is its stunning visuals, beautiful character animations and a perfectly written grim story. Every fighter can be customized  and leveled up. All in all, it is a worthy alternative for those who prefer playing alone.

Survival Horror Genre

Those who like adrenaline rush have to opt for this genre. Good emotions are guaranteed:

  • Resident Evil 2. Your goal in this game is to survive! Many terrible creatures are brought to life on the PS4. You’ll hear their screams and movements and your goal is to avoid monsters and survive in this battle.
  • Resident Evil 7. The previous game belongs to the group of classic survival games, but this one is different. The story takes place in Dulvey. You’ll be Ethan Winters, whose goal is to explore the plantation and finally find his wife. You’ll fight for your survival and meanwhile, you’ll uncover the mysteries of this place.
Survival Horror Genre

Best Shooters for PS4

Look through our review of the best shooter games for PS4 and choose the best one for yourself:

  • Borderlands 3. The main distinctive feature of this game is its emphasis on leveling up characters, looting and customizing abilities. No matter what your play style is, you will definitely find something special for you here. The game includes more than 1 billion guns that you can collect during your journey around the planet Pandora. you can either play alone or together with your friends.
  • Rage 2. This is a relatively new game, which was released in 2019, but still, it has thousands of fans from all over the globe. The game has extremely polished shooting mechanics. As a result, you can easily defeat your enemies and enjoy the process.
Best Shooters for PS4
  • Doom. Want to go to hell? This game is what you really need. When playing this game, you’ll be able to create your custom levels or grotesque monstrosities. Simply put, you’ll never get bored!

Free-to-Play Games

This genre has also a wide array of superb games that are worth your attention:

  • Apex Legends. It’s a free-to-play battle royal game that offers a variety of different special abilities. Moreover, the game comes with a new special feature, called respawning. When a player is killed, his banner will be picked up by a teammate. As a result, he can later bring them back to life.
  • Fortnite. Seems like this game needs no introduction. Thanks to superb dances and mechanics, the game has millions of fans from all over the globe.

We hope that this insightful guide will help you choose the best game for your PS4 and you’ll have a great time together with your friends!