Today we will be discussing the most useful websites that will surely make your life easier. These sites belong to different categories and serve a different purpose. You might know some of them, but we still hope that you will discover something new in this article. Without any further ado let’s kick off the list-10 of the most useful website you wish you knew earlier.

For many years this site has been a great source for discovering new content on the Internet. Alas, in 2018 the co-founder of StumbleUpon decided to shut it down. Mix is their new offering for discovering interesting content on the Web to is relevant to you. This is how it works. First, you will need to create an account. During the process of creating, you will be asked to select at least three categories (or more) you are interested in. The site offers a wide range of topics: mental space, jetsetters, nothing but net, out of this world, and many more. Once you are done with your picks, you will be redirected to your own personalized page based on your interests what will adapt over time. On top of the page, right in the middle, you will find three options: for you (your personal page), following (to find people that share your interests), and popular (check trends and hot topics). Al in all, Mix is the best way to discover new websites with interesting information.

Guys from Mozilla present a new secure way to encrypt and send files with a link that will automatically expire, so your files won’t stay online forever. The process is very simple. You go to the website, then select a file(s) on your computer to upload. The recommended size is about 1GB. Once the file is uploaded, the site will let you know that your link will expire after 24 hours or one download. However, you can change the number of downloads up to 2/3/4/5/20, if you need to. You can also select the option that protects your file with a password. That password must be used by other users to download your file. When you are done, just copy and share the link.

With the increasing number of services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, and many others, Justwatch makes it easier to find the streaming services offering the TV shows and movies you are looking for. On the main page of the website you just need to select your country to get relevant results for your region. After that, you will see the most popular movies and series listed. If the results don’t satisfy you, you can always use search to find you need. When you select a TV show, for example, you end up on its page with detailed information about seasons, ratings, episodes, etc. Justwatch will also show you where you can watch, rent, or buy the show or movie you have selected. Depending on your country, your results may vary. This website does a great job of saving you time when compared to searching for each streaming service.



One of the most important steps when looking for a job is to create a resume that stands out. CVMKR guides you through the process of creating a professional-looking resume that you can save or print at any time. To start working on your CV, you just need to press the button “Create a CV now” on the home page. A new page will be loaded, where you need to fill your information and follow the instructions for each section. The basic version of CVMKR is available for free, but if you need more templates, additional features, or just want to support the website, you can buy a Premium plan that costs $16 per year.

It is a price tracker for Amazon, and it has been around for years, so have probably heard about it from your friends or colleagues. Prices on Amazon are not always the same, and this site helps to make sure that you are getting a good price based on historical data. When you open a product page on Amazon, thinking about buying it, you should better copy the URL in the address bar and paste it into the search box on Camelcamelcamel, and then hit Enter. You will see the summary of the product with a ton of details. Scroll down to the section with price alerts and set them as you like. Also, you will see the price history chart below with a slider to adjust the date range. Additional tools such as price types (Amazon, third-party new or used) are available. You check them to add more information to the history chart. Below the graph, you can check the current highest and lowest prices for the desired item over its history.

A quick tip for our readers: Amazon does not always have the best price, and sometimes it is worth the extra effort checking other websites to find a better deal.

Google has a lot of useful sites, but one of them you probably didn’t know about is called and offers free fonts for everyone. Download them and use on posters, flyers, postcards, websites or anywhere else you can think of. With all those big websites charging for fonts, you will be happy to get new fonts here for free. In order to add any font to your computer, click the Plus icon next to the font that you like. Then open the selection drawer at the bottom of the screen and click on the Download icon. Now all you need to know is to select where you want to save the archived font, and then unpacked, and follow the instructions given by your operating system.

Now let’s try something completely different. Broadcastify lets you listed live audio streams from EMS, fire, and police departments along with many other types of scanners in locations around the world. It is very easy to use. Open the home page and click on Listen. Select the drop-down arrow, then select your country from the list. To find the needed feeds, select your specific region. Site’s integrated player is based on Flash, so we would not recommend using it. Scroll down the page until you see feeds. Click the Play button next to the feed you would like to listen to. A new window will pop up broadcasting the live audio from the source you selected.

This website will come in handy when you need to calculate time in another zone in relation to yours. For example, you are living in the US (the central time zone) and you need to contact a client in London at 12 AM in their time zone. To find out when in your time zone you need to make the call, just drag the slider in the row for London to 12 AM. At the top, you will see your location’s time in relation to the other time zone. In this case, it is 6 AM in the central time zone in the US, when in London it is 12 AM.

This is going to be a quick one. Do you need high-quality stock photos but don’t have enough funds to buy them on services like Shutterstock? Check out Unsplash and Pixabay. They both have clean layouts and have additional features. For example, on Pixabay you can select the size of the image before downloading it.

What is the best way to relax? It depends, really. But if you like listening to calming ambient sounds, then Asoftmurmur is for you. Moreover, mixes and sound collections on this website can also improve your concentration. The interface is laconic and clear, which makes it easier to use – just move the sliders to create your perfect mix of sounds (wind, fire, rain, thunder, birds, and more). In addition, you can create timers, save your mixes, and share your mixes on the various social networks. When you are ready to listen to the mix, you have just created, hit the Play button. You can adjust sliders while the sound is playing.