So you must be a passionate retro games fan, if you are reading this article right now, eh? If we are correct, you made the right choice by landing here today. We are going to discuss this topic through the prism of Emuparadise. You probably heard about this amazing website where you can download all kinds of retro and classic games. Well, you could. Because all those hundreds and thousands of games, ISOS, and ROMS are no longer available along with the site that no longer exists. It is a big hit for all retro gamers. The history of Emuparadise started 18 years ago, and until now, it hosted nearly full collections of games for consoles everyone could download for free and play using emulators.

As for now, if you try to find a console title, you will see a message “The game is unavailable.” The owners of the website had to remove tons of games from their library due to fear of legal actions. But fear not, fellow gamers, as there are other places we can visit to download our favorite ROMs and classic games. They are not the second of Emuparadise, but still, they try, and they are surely worth your attention. So without further ado, lets start our countdown of the Top 10 alternatives to Emuparadise!

My Abandonware

My Abandonware - Best Alternatives to Emuparadise

Prepare yourself for the incredible immersion into the PC retro gaming world. On this website, you will find more than 14 000 games available for download including those you totally remember but could not find time to play again. Rare titles from the 80s? Classic games from the 90s? My Abandonware has it all! You would be surprised to hear that the collection of games includes titles from 1978 to 2017! And they are available for free. Download Pacman, Galaxian, Arkanoid, or Tetris right now to refresh your childhood memories.

Each game has supporting information that you will be interested to know: size of the game, when it was published, who was the publisher, who developed the game, language, size of the game. In addition to those, you can also read instructions, manuals, and reviews before downloading the game for free. By the way, no registration is needed to do that. However, you can create a My Abandonware account if you want to. It is completely hassle-free without annoying email confirmations or spam.

Registration is not necessary, as we said, but it allows you to post comments, leave a review, share your thoughts about titles or website, or just thank for the opportunity to get what you need. Besides the information provided for each game, you can also report broken links, wrong names, corrupted files, and other things of this nature to admins of the site. You can leave a rating for any game you download – just click on the hearts near the download button.

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Romsmania - Best Alternatives to Emuparadise

Just as the name of the site suggests, this is the place for people interested in ROMs. Not just interested theoretically but also practically by downloading them. Romsmania offers tons of ROMs emulators and games that can be easily downloaded. Gamers with a severe nostalgia will be happy to find some very rare specific ROMs here. The search is simple, you just need to put the name of the game (or at least part of it), and it will find the ROM you need. When you click on the click, you will be brought to the individual ROM page with additional information such as genre, console, file size, rating, the number of downloads, etc.

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Coolrom - Best Alternatives to Emuparadise

This website started as a one man’s hobby, who loved classic games and wanted to create a place, where he can host his personal collection. Years after that small beginning turned out to be a well-known (among retro gamers) website with thousands of ROMs. We love how it is easy to navigate and download good old classics, and we hope you will share our opinion after visiting this website. Coolrom runs only simple banner advertising – no annoying popups and other stuff like that, which is cool. After the Emuparadise’s death, Coolroom has become one of the most important gaming resources for retro gamers with thousands of titles available for download and latest emulators as well. Each game has a summary, screenshots, and sometimes even video previews. In order to download any ROM from Coolrom, you need to use the header menu and select the console first, then search for the desired ROM. It is not very convenient, but still, it is an alternative to Emuparadise after all.

Besides ROMs, you can also download Emulators. Downloading the desired emulator is much easier but still requires using the header menu we mentioned above. On the right sidebar, you will find the list with the most popular ROMs of the site (25 the most downloaded games). It can be used for quick access to the best titles approved by the public. The download process itself is very simple and straightforward. On each ROM page there is a direct download button – just click it and wait for the “miracle” to happen. Sometimes direct links may not work properly, so you will have to try alternate download links instead (with ads and timer).

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Doperoms - Best Alternatives to Emuparadise

DopeROMs is an interactive website that serves as an archive of retro video games. It allows playing backups. How is that for a start? Enjoy your games on your PC or mobile device thanks to this backup mechanism. An impressive selection of ROMs and lakhs are waiting for you on DopeROMs. Look for a search box on the top of the home page and type a keyword or its fragment to find any ROM. In addition to archive functions, the website also performs an educational function: beginners can learn a lot about emulation concepts here. Advanced users will also find a lot of interesting information here as well. While reading or searching for ROMs, you won’t be interrupted by ads and annoying pop-ups.

To sum it all up in one sentence – DopeROMs is another great Emuparadise alternative with a big ROM database. Everything on this site can be found and downloaded in a few clicks thanks to simple navigation and Spartan interface.

Check DopeROMs:

ROM Hustler

ROM Hustler - Best Alternatives to Emuparadise

An online platform with tons of various ROMs and retro games. Only a few emulator websites have a mobile version for maximum user comfort, and this one does. Here you can find all kinds of ROMs for never dying classics like Atari 2600 or modern PlayStation consoles. The easiest way to find the ROM you need would be to type its name in the search box, or you can take a “scenic” route and start browsing all ROMS for a specific console. When you find the one you need, click it to open its page and select direct download. Don’t be afraid to get some malware or viruses as according to the latest checks, ROM Hustler is a very safe website. With its nice selection of the finest classic ROMs and best emulator, ROM Hustler deserves a spot on our list. We truly love its interface and the system of users’ votes and ratings.

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Roms Mode

Roms Mode - Best Alternatives to Emuparadise

If you are tired of searching for particular ROMs or emulators on the Internet and cannot afford to spend your precious time any longer on fruitless detective work, just visit Roms Mode. We are 99% positive that you will find whatever you are looking for here. All popular games of all times such as Tekken 3, Super Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Crash Bandicoot, Contra, God of Warm Monster Hunter, Grand Theft Auto, and many more found their refuge here. In addition to ROMs, you can also get respective emulators here: PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo, Wii, GBA, GameCube.

Invite your friends, grab joysticks, and prepare to dive into the nostalgic adventure with all those cool ROMs of the past. The already huge database is updated regularly, and emulators are always fresh. In case, you are a hardcore game who enjoys playing not only on PC but also on other devices such as tablets or smartphones, Roms Mode will cover all your needs with Android ROMs, ROMs for iOS and PC emulators, of course.

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Gamulator - Best Alternatives to Emuparadise

Gamulator is a relatively new website with enough ROMs and emulators that can be downloaded without waiting with blazing speed. Despite being a new member of the league, Gamulator quickly gained enough reputation to become an Emuparadise alternative and deserved mention in our article. The game database of Gamulator may not be as big as others competitors have but still offers a good variety for Sega, GBA, MAME, GameBoy, Sega, and NDS consoles. Navigating on this site is made super easy, so finding the game you need is a matter of seconds. We recommend adding Gamulator to your bookmarks if you are a passionate old-school gamer.

We can see that this website was created with love by dedicated people. The main idea behind this archive of classic arcades was to save retro games from disappearing and becoming just a memory. Saving out-of-use retro titles that cannot be bought freely on the market is an honorable deed. The team behind the project also want to create a platform for all emulator creators, where they can communicate with one another and also share their ideas with players that will surely come in search of new emulators for their favorite systems and consoles. We can only wish luck to these guys and hope they will make it.

Check Gamulator:

The Old Computer

The Old Computer - Best Alternatives to Emuparadise

The Old Computer is a heavyweight champion among all other websites offering ROM downloads. Its collection includes more than 600 000 games for DS, N64, NES, Snes, MAME, Commodore, GBA, Sega, PC, and other platforms. One of the largest MAME databases is also here. These achievements is already enough to crown The Old Computer one of the best ROMs websites out there. But it has even more cool things to offer such as rare, unique ROMs and supporting options for Android, iOS, and other operating systems. Each retro games fan should have this website on their favorites list, especially now, when alternatives for Emuparadise are so desperately needed.

It is an incredible feeling to be able to play classic titles on modern devices including iPhones, iPads, other iOS devices, Android smartphones, and even Xbox consoles. If that is not enough for you, check box scans, magazines, and manuals available on the site.

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Royal Roms

Royal Roms - Best Alternatives to Emuparadise is another decent alternative for Emuparadise with its nice collection of classic games. These games (or ROMs = Read-Only-Memory) contain the software code that can be accessed and played with the help of emulators. You don’t need to search for them as you can download them for free from Royal Roms. Thanks to the clean and simple interface, it won’t take much time. The search on Royal Roms is very well throughout as you can filter games not only by console but also by genre and region.

Check Roayl Roms:


RomUlation - Best Alternatives to Emuparadise

RomUlation is definitely a unique platform for downloading retro games. It is the one and only with a special abuse prevention system. First of all, you have to sign up to get access to the collection of ROMs. After creating an account, you will get 10 000 points. Each megabyte you download from the site “costs” one point. For instance, you are downloading a game 100Mb in size – it means that this procedure will burn 100 points on your balance. In order to replenish those points, you just have to be a regular member of the community. Users are awarded 500 points daily for visiting RomUlation (once every 24 hours). This way you can accumulate up to 50 000 points for downloading games from the site’s database.

Check RomUlation:

Final words

This is it, folks. This concludes our list of the best Emuparadise alternatives. We understand that there are tons of other platforms with ROMs, but we decided to focus on the well-known and trusted ones. We think that just one or two websites from the list can cover all your retro game needs.