5 common email marketing mistakes to avoid for success rate

Email marketing is the go-to marketing channel for every marketer, with 361 billion emails sent per day, according to the Oberlo report. But, are you out of the lane?

Then, you are probably doing something that isn’t right for the email marketing world. Yes, every strategy has its own do’s and don’ts; how would email marketing miss its place? Email has become part of our daily lives, and many say it is one of the easiest ways to turn your subscribers into customers. 

It may sound like a cliche, but who doesn’t make any mistakes? – Every successful marketer in today’s competitive world once made ‘n’ a number of mistakes, and they eventually learned from them. After all, marketing is always a ‘trial and error’ method. Agree?

Why email marketing is important for business?

Simply put, being in the business world, communication is way more important than anything else. Yes, 60% of consumers have ended up purchasing the product or service by seeing the promotional emails they receive from their favorite brand. 

Communicating with your customers on time is the most important thing; they have to know what is happening with their favorite brands. For both existing and new customers, email marketing is communication and awareness, but for potential customers, it can entice and attract them via outreach campaigns.

Let’s scroll down to read and learn more about five email marketing mistakes you should avoid in your next email campaigns. 

5 email marketing mistakes to avoid for better ROI

1. Not designing mobile responsive emails

    Since 85% of the users use mobile devices to access their emails, according to 99firms. Now you should know the importance of sending mobile-responsive emails. 

    Imagine you have designed an email with an attractive design and attention-grabbing subject line, but you still don’t find that good open rate or click-through rate. Have you ever thought about it? I would say it’s just because of poor optimized mobile responsive emails.

    It is always good to send test emails and see the overview of the emails on both desktop and mobile.

    2. Over sending emails

      Anything that is overdone always backfires; the same goes for over-sending an email to your subscribers. 

      You might have experienced this yourself. You might have subscribed to any brand email list, and you bump into their email in your inbox daily, which might be annoying at times, and sometimes you don’t even pay attention to it. 

      This kind of methodology increases unsubscribe rates, which leads to failing email campaigns, as 48% of the subscribers have marked emails as spam for receiving them too often. 

      3. Failing to use A/B testing & email automation

        Email marketing is ruling almost every industry. Still, there are brands who fails to a/b testing and also opt for sending emails manually. But why?

        Be it subject line, email copy, email font, or design, A/B testing is a mandatory process for better engagement and better conversion. Well, even this process can be done easy peasy, lemon squeezy by automation tools. 

        Doing any task manually consumes a lot of your productive time. Still, there are many affordable email automation tools in the market that align with business goals like BayEngage, Mailerlite, Brevo, and more. 

        4. Overdoing with designs

          It’s not just a saying, but the real fact that ‘first impressions are the best.’ Imagine you are receiving an email from your favorite brand, which is a more clumsy design that you couldn’t find the appropriate CTA or with a more gaudy design. What will be your instant reaction to it?

          Right immediately, do you close the email or just keep reading with so much patience because that is from your favorite brand? No right. The same thing happens to you as well. Always before designing an email, put yourself in the shoes and do it for better reach and conversions. 

          5. Not giving subscribers clear CTA

            Remember, not every email sent to your subscribers works for your good. That doesn’t mean you can send an email as you like. Every department has its own strategy, and so do emails. 

            There are certain outlines that email marketers and brands follow to make their emails look appealing and to the point. One such format for an email is to add CTA to the respective content to make it easy for audiences to redirect it. 

            The CTA can redirect them to your product page, subscribe to the newsletter, and go to your homepage. Depending on the agenda of the email, the CTA keeps changing. 

            Although there is a lot more to consider when crafting a perfect email for your business, Here I have covered only five email marketing mistakes to avoid in your email marketing campaigns. 

            But, oops! How did I miss covering the analytics? 

            6. Don’t ignore the analytics

              With other marketing channels, the more you know about your target audience, the better you can study the influential part of the marketing channel in their buying decisions. 

              In such a way, never ignore your email analytics; we all know data is the key to success. So, do even with email marketing. Data gives you valuable insight into your campaign performance and assists you in working on your next email campaigns. 

              Do you have to purchase any tools to collect this data? Well, know that the email marketing tools you use for your marketing campaigns have their own built-in report section to give you better tracking reports. 

              Ready to roar on your next email marketing campaign?

              Are you an email marketing beginner or a pro version? Never mind; mistakes are just glitches in your work that can be done and dusted in the meantime. You must have read the five email marketing mistakes you must avoid in your email marketing campaign for better results. 

              Oops! Not five, an add-on at the bottom is done to improve your email campaigns and take you to the pro version. Fixing these email marketing mistakes isn’t that hard. You can even consider using email marketing tools like BayEngage, Omnisend, Mailerlite, Brevo, and more to your advantage for the best conversion.

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